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Sleeping in a Cave Hotel : Bucket List Cappadocia

Millions of years ago volcanic eruptions covered this entire region with thick ash. The ash solidified into soft rock, and natural erosion over the years has created the unique geological formations Cappadocia is known for. In as early as 1800-1200 B.C, people began tunneling into the soft rock creating churches, houses and hiding places. Today, hotels, restaurants and shops are still built within and around the ancient rocks. Right up there with riding in a hot air balloon, sleeping in a cave hotel is at the top of everyone’s list when visiting Cappadocia.

Keep reading for a review of the cave hotel we stayed in, plus scroll all the way down for 4 other cave hotel recommendations to fit any budget.
Cave Hotel in Goreme, Turkey

Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Review // Mithra Cave Hotel

Mithra Cave Hotel Review

I researched cave hotels in Cappadocia to death before finally picking the perfect one for our stay.  I didn’t want anything super fancy but I did want it to be nice (no hostels this time around). A great, unobstructed view of the hot air balloons was my most important requirement.

I eventually decided on Mithra Cave Hotel and could not have been happier with the decision. It was a romantic cave hotel on the top of a hill, which resulted on one of the best views of Goreme.

Mithra Cave Hotel, Cappadocia

The Views

Every morning at sunrise, 100’s of hot air balloons rise over Goreme. Picking a hotel with an amazing view of the balloons was my top priority. I didn’t want to drive around at 5am looking for the view, I wanted to just roll out of bed and see it.

Cave Hotels in Goreme

Sultan Cave Suites was my first choice hotel because their viewing setup is unrivaled, but we ended up deciding on Mithra because it was 1/2 the price. Fortunately, in a perfect circumstance of events, we discovered that the terrace to our room directly bordered Sultan Cave Suites’ balcony. So I climbed the wall and got exactly what I was looking for.

Cappadocia, Turkey
If you’re not down with trespassing, Mithra Cave Hotel does offer several seating areas to watch the hot air balloons with an [almost] equivalent view. I thought more people would be outside to see the morning spectacle, but we pretty much had the entire hotel grounds to ourselves.

The hotel sits on a hill which gives you one of the best views in all of Goreme at any time of the day.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons | View from Mithra Cave Hotel

Goreme, Cappadocia | Turkey

Mithra Cave Hotel

The Room

We stayed in one of Mithra Cave Hotel’s deluxe rooms. It was decorated Ottoman style and was exactly what I was looking for. Cappadocia is so unique, it was important that our accommodations fit in with the overall ‘feel’ of the place. We had our own private terrace, and there was little fireplace next to the bed that would’ve been amazing if I could’ve figured out how to work it. The people in the room below us lit theirs every night and it heated up our floors which was really nice when the temps dropped.

Overall, we didn’t spend much time in the room but the bed was comfortable, the wifi was strong and the shower was hot.

Mithra Cave Hotel Review

Mithra Cave Hotel Review

Mithra Cave Hotel Review

Additional amenities in the room: minibar, hair dryer, toiletries, electric kettle, heater, fireplace, flat screen tv, safe


A traditional Turkish breakfast buffet is included in your stay and it was our favorite hotel breakfast while in Turkey. There were 8 different kinds of assorted cheese, dried fruits and nuts, olives, honeycomb, breads, borek, eggs and of course, unlimited Turkish tea.
Mithra Cave Hotel Breakfast

Mithra Cave Hotel Breakfast

The best part of going to breakfast every morning was getting to sit in front of this view. Mithra’s restaurant sits at the highest point in the hotel, and large windows from every angle give you an incredible panoramic view to enjoy while you eat.

Mithra Cave Hotel Restaurant

Mithra Cave Hotel Breakfast

Mithra Cave Hotel

Location: The hotel located on a hill, and while this gives you an incredible vantage point, but it’s a little further than some of the other hotels closer to the town center. From Mithra Cave Hotel, it’s a 5 min walk downhill and a 10-15 minute walk uphill.

Check In: From 2pm

Check Out: 12pm

Parking: There is free parking on the street outside the hotel. We had a rental car and it was never an issue, even coming back late at night.

Book Mithra Cave Hotel HERE

Mithra Cave Hotel Cappadocia

Stay in a Cave Hotel | Cappadocia, Turkey

4 Other Cave Hotels to Fit Any Budget:

While I didn’t stay in any of these hotels a few were on my short list before eventually deciding on Mithra Cave Hotel.

Ultra Budget

Yasin’s Place Cave Hotel: While there are a few hostels in Goreme that offer cheaper accommodations than Yasin’s Place, this backpacker’s hotel is one of the only one’s I could find that offer cave rooms. For around $15-20 you can get a private room with a shared bathroom, and it includes breakfast.

Check out Yasin’s Place Cave Hotel HERE


Local Cave House Hotel : This hotel is surrounded by fairy chimneys and it has a pool right in the middle which lends itself for great photos. It’s also a super quick walk to the center of town. It doesn’t have the best view of the hot air balloons which is why I decided against it, but it has great reviews and is extremely affordable.

Check out Local Cave House Hotel HERE

Cappadocia, Turkey


Sultan Cave Suites : The owner of Sultan Cave Suites is a genius. Every morning he transforms his roof into a perfect photo op, laying down Turkish rugs, oversized pillows and sometimes even a full breakfast spread. He was kind enough to let us take pictures on his room even though we weren’t staying there. His hotel is one of the top rated in Goreme.

Check out Sultan Cave Suites HERE


Museum Hotel : Museum Hotel is about a mile and a half from the center of Goreme, in Uchisar. The property is beautiful and they have a fantastic view of all Goreme. Museum Hotel has won prestigious awards such as Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Europe, Best Hotel Architecture in Europe and Best Hotel in Cappadocia.

Check out Museum Hotel HERE

Cave Hotel, Cappadocia





Disclaimer: We purchased this hotel stay on our own and were not contacted to make this review or post recommendations. Some links may be affiliate.

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