Hi! I’m Lindsey and I’m in love with this planet. My grandma took me on my first trip (Scotland & Paris) when I was 10 years old and I’ve been addicted to traveling ever since.

I work as freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles, so I’m not the type of traveler who can spend months at a time abroad. Although I fantasize about it often, the truth is I love my job and for the past few years I’ve been stuck in this limbo trying to satisfy two very different passions.

Meet Nick

My favorite travel partner. My soulmate.

Nick and I met in high school. He gets mad that I don’t know the exact number of years we’ve been together but I do know is that it’s more than 10 and less than 15..

Nick took his first international trip with me to Scotland in 2006. He brought me to an American bar (it was literally labeled “an American bar”) and then bought a Corona. Today, thankfully, he’s a much different traveler and we’ve been exploring the world together as often as we can get away.

As a touring drummer Nick gets the opportunity to travel to some really cool places on his own. His posts on Hello Jetlag are geared more towards travelers who are in places for very short amounts of time (long layovers, work travel etc). Whether it’s trying a native dish, or seeing a few key sights, he tries to experience every city that he stays in.

Check out Nick’s Website: HERE

I’ve always noticed that most people talk about traveling as a big endeavor. Taking years to plan a trip, draining their savings on one destination or waiting for retirement to finally travel. Hello Jetlag is a resource to inspire people to look at travel differently. It’s impacted my life in immeasurable ways and I truly believe that traveling can change your life.

When I first started Hello Jetlag, it was an online diary to update my family while I worked at a monkey rescue center in the Amazon. For a while my only reader (and biggest fan) was my mom. My blog has slowly evolved into a way for me to share my experiences and exchange travel tips with others all over the world.

My Travel Style

Most of my trips are between 10-21 days long. Because of my work schedule, I often book pretty last minute. While I’ve been known to buy a flight and leave in the same day, I usually book trips 2-3 weeks out.

I’m a budget-conscious traveler with expensive taste 😉 . I find immense joy in saving money wherever I can, but I also don’t think twice about splurging here or there (especially on one of a kind experiences). Most of my trips only set me back >$2,000 but I’ve never felt like I missed out on something that I wanted to do because of money.

90% of the time Nick and I travel together but if our schedules don’t line up, I’m happy to go on my own.

Where I've Been

Argentina, Austria, Belize, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Honduras, India, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey and various states in the US

On the Top of My Bucket List: Egyptian Pyramids, Seeing the Aurora Borealis, Gorilla Trekking in Africa, Holi Festival in India, Oktoberfest in Germany



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